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Community comes together to replace stolen bike in East Moline

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December 20, 2018

There's some good news for a group at Glenview Middle School.

It's continuing coverage of a story we brought you last week about a stolen bike in East Moline.  

It started over the summer when two students at Glenview Middle School wanted to raise enough money to attend a class trip to Washington D.C.

After hearing their fundraising plans, neighbors Abel Zertuche, Daniel Calderon and a few others came together to customize a bike for the middle schoolers. The bike was repaired, painted red and gold, and had a basket in the front that held a large freezer.

The two students used the bike throughout the summer, raising $4,320 by selling authentic Mexican popsicles known as Paletas. They managed to raise enough money to attend the trp, with $500 left over to be put toward financial aid for future students. 

Last week, the group turned to Facebook, asking the community to help them find the bike that brought their community together. It was reported stolen from an auto shop in East Moline, where it had been stored. 

On Wednesday, three Quad Cities organizations announced that they had made a $1,500 donation toward the project. 

Mercado on Fifth challenged Ascentra Credit Union and IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union to match it's $500 donation, and both agreed to help. 

Maria Ontiveros is the director of Mercado on Fifth, as well as a teacher at Glenview Middle School.

"I see the boys around school and have been able to see their confidence grow from this project," she said.

So when she heard that the bike was missing, she wanted to help. 

In a press release, Ascentra President and CEO, Dale Owen, said the project matched the mission behind their Steppin' Up program, a pay it forward initiative.

"The great work that everyone has done mentoring these students makes this all the more meaningful, said Owen. "We're proud to partner with this donation."

Ontiveros says they didn't want to see the entrepreneurial program end with the loss of the bike. 

"We were happy to help out," she said. "We want to see it grow not only in the school year to year, but in other communities."

Before the bike was stolen, the students had created an account at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union(IHMVCU) with their English teacher and advisor on the project, Margarita Mojica. 

"We're happy to support these young men and their entrepreneurial spirit," said Amy Orr, IHMVCU vice president of marketing, in a press release. "The way the community has responded and supported the East Moline Paleteros is what defines the Quad Cities. We're proud to be part of it."

The $1,500 that was donated will be added to the additional $512 raised by the community through a GoFundMe page. 

The funds will be used to replace the bike, freezer, and fund the project in the future. 

Unfortunately, the stolen bike has not been recovered. But Ontiveros says if it is, they will use both bikes in the future.

Source: https://www.ourquadcities.com/news/community-comes-together-to-replace-stolen-bike-in-east-moline/1667655309?fbclid=IwAR1VOyfI60lmuxBju1gjjO1fwLrTApaukgGuAFBfMiSE7VOBBWkP-_Xcjdg